Monday, October 22, 2007

Smart Little Sarah

When I put Sarah under the play mat, I often shake the bars to distract her from me walking away. Well, she is very smart and figured out how to rotate herself around so that she can kick the bars and move the toys herself.

The Leaves Are Falling

We have a big maple tree in our front yard. I absolutely love it. In the spring, with the new leaves, in the fall with the great colors, and when it snows all covered in white. Well, it is fall, so do the leaves. Ethan and I rake the leaves before Anna got home from school. I left them in a pile so she could jump in them after school - one of the things she looks forward to all year.

A Tisket, A Tasket, Sarah's In The Basket

Eric and Sarah were playing around one night, and she seemed a little stunned.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ethan's Calling In Life

I keep wondering what is going on with my camera. Everytime I turn it on the batteries are al dead. We got a new camera last month and now we have a gig of space on the flash drive. Well that is 560 pictures of Ethan's body parts, and occasionally some of his sister. I tried to hide my camera, and it is always right where I left it, with some bonuses (smart kid). This is one of Ethan's self portraits.

New Delivery

This is Eric's baby. He has wanted one of these for years. A friend from our ward got tired of taking care of it. So he told Eric that he if wanted it, he had to move it. (free of charge) So, Eric got his brothers, his Dad, and the friend and moved it to our home. We are hoping to get it all hooked up and running by the first snow fall (if we get any this year.)

The Beginning of the End

Sarah got up on all fours last week. It took everything I had not to push back down to the ground (but I am a good mommy.) She is rolling and scooting (only backwards which really ticks her off.) She hasn’t figured out that her legs and arms need to move in unison. I find myself laughing at her, instead of encouraging her.

Soccer Mom

I officially became a soccer mom with Ethan. After four weeks of classes, I think he is ready for some more classes. It was hilarous, but maybe we will wait for another year to put him in soccer. Anna on the other hand, is quite ready. She started her classes on Saturday. We are doing indoor soccer for now. (I don't like standing in the rain for three hours, just to watch a bunch of kids miss the ball). Maybe I will be more gutsy in the spring.

For about six weeks now she has wanted to be witch (that is a witch without the green face and warts). I went and purchased the pattern (I already had the fabric) and then on Saturday after her first soccer practice she turns to me and says... "mom, I don't want to be a witch without the green face and warts, I want to be a soccer player." YIPEE! I didn't make the costume yet... this is going to be a whole lot easier. Finally, Anna is a simple kid... yeah, right!