Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A night with the cops

Around midnight Eric comes in the bedroom, wakes me up while grabbing the 30.30 and loading it says "there is someone in our backyard, stay down." HOLY CRAP!

Eric was in the hot tub about 10 minutes prior to coming into the bedroom, when he felt he needed to get out and go inside. He had barely gotten dressed when he then heard noises outside the family room. He looked out the front window to see red and blue flashing lights. That is when he came and got the 30.30. He called 911 and told them that someone was in our back yard. Apparently the guy had stolen a car, rolled into a ditch, hit another car, hit a pole, and sped into our cul-da-sac. The car was trashed... every window blown outm tires shredded, glass everywhere. They caught the guy two blocks away. Apparently he had hopped our fence.

The funny part... the bumper sticker of the stolen car said... "I am a princess, who the hell are you?"