Saturday, January 19, 2008

From Santa

We sure had fun this year with Papa Jim and Nana, Katie, Dave and the girls and our family. Santa left Anna clothes and box to dress and store her 18" doll from Grandma. Santa spent many hours making all kinds of outfits.

Ethan got a remote controlled car. At 6:10 Christmas morning Eric and Ethan are in the pajamas, coats and hats outside in the dark. We could hear Ethan squealing with excitment. Then we heard Eric... it's my turn.

Santa's goal with Sarah is just make her stuff she could put in her mouth. He did a Great JOB!


Katie, Jim, Nana and I are playing Scrabble. Mom asked how to spell a certain word, and then realized she didn't have all the letters and says "Pooter". Katie pipes in and leans to the side and says "Wait just a minute".

Sticky Buns

As a tradition in our home we have sticky buns for Christmas morning. This year Anna and PapaJim made them, and the big mess that went with them. It was good to see the bond grow between these two. Not to mention the bond between my stomach and the delicious sticky buns.


This had to be one of the best Christmas ever. We enjoyed the company of friends and family and ate terrific food. We were very please to meet the love of mom's life. We further enjoyed Jim getting to know our family... in the rawest of characters.

Eric came home from work one day in December and said "I want a turducken for Christmas". I had no idea what a turducken was. He asked me to go a butcher and pick it up. I told him that he if he wanted to look like a freak at the butcher's that he should go ask for his precious turducken. He declines, so I got online and found a great website with step by step instructions and pictures. A turducken is a chicken debone and stuffed with stuffing, stuffed inside a ducke with stuffing, stuffed inside a turkey.

Katie was pleased to debone everything for us. It took her over 4 hours to get three carcasses. It feeds 24-30 people. And oh my, it was delicious.

So after it is all assembled, it took over 9 hours to cook. There are only four bones in the entire thing, the legs and wings of the turkey. We look over and Nana is chomping on a bone. What the heck!?!