Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anna's Field Trip

I got to go with Anna on her field trip this year. We went to the Portland Zoo. There were so many chaperons that I only had three girls total. We found a tiger in the tree. We wondered how it got there, and how it was going to get down.

David's Birthday

For Dave's birthday we packed up the truck and the Butler's Jeep and headed to the hills. It was about 77 degrees out there, so of course we put the kids in shorts and t-shirts. We got to a good spot to pop out the BBQ and looked around... there is still snow on the ground. We had a snow ball fight in our shorts and t-shirts.

After lunch the kids wanted to get into the water. We agreed up only if one of us was standing there. The water was moving very fast. It was so cold that you could only stand in it for a few seconds and when you got out the joints in your toes ache. Sounds like fun huh?