Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ethan Trying to Quilt

I was happily cleaning on my house on Tuesday, when Ethan walked in the room dripping in blood. I freaked! He had gotten a hold of my quilting cutter and sliced his middle finger from the tip down to the middle of the fingernail. We made a trip to the ER - where they glued it and bandaged it all up. SWMC has a new child emergency wing - they have a flat screen tv in each room. So we enjoyed the movie Cars while Ethan got bandaged up. He keeps walking around the house flipping people off saying "I have ouwee on my finger". He has flipped off several ladies at the grocery store, his grandma, his bus driver and the bishop.

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Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

Haven't you taught your son better than to flip others off? Love ya!